The Golden Rules of SEO: Content Before Everything

1. Content Before Everything

The (ro)bots of Google will always index, analyze and evaluate the textual content of your website. Anything not written as text into the content of your website will never give search results. You have to start writing, no more excuses. Write about all relative information that you would like to be found by the search engines. So dear friends, the formula is very simple: write, write, write!

2. Relevant and well-structured content

Relevancy - although it might sound complicated, is essentially fairly simple: emphasizing the important parts of the content. In order to achieve this, and inform Google about what is important on our site, we have to define and constantly follow a content structure. All our pages must give weight to titles, subtitles, and paragraphs. The texts written with this structure in mind will already bring relevancy to the content. Make sure you use this often.

3. Density of keywords

All important and relevant content must be emphasized with the proper keywords. However, their density is a sensitive matter. One may fall easily into the trap of overusing keywords, thus Google might find it suspicious and down-rank your website in the search results. Don't try to be smarter than Google's engineers. Their job is to make sure their algorithm is not fooled, and the results are always realistic and organic.

4. The homepage is the most important page

The homepage, or main page is key in how our site will show up in the search results. It has to sum up efficiently the message of the whole website. Also, it has to give enough incentive to the visitor to follow the links in order to visit more subpages for more useful information.

5. The content has to be unique

This one is not easy to achieve, but this is the real secret weapon. Unique content is as simple as it seems: make sure the wording of the message you are about to communicate cannot be found on other sites. In addition, besides the unique wording it has to deliver a unique value. What you really need to achieve is that your visitors will want to take the info with them and share it with others.

By sticking to the above simple rules you can improve easily your position in the search engines. Trends may change, it is true: that which appears like the best approach today may change tomorrow. However, you can rest assured that well-written content will always be appreciated on the web, and the search engines will always reward the websites with outstanding content.