The 7 Steps of Building a Professional Website

If you own a start-up company or you’re a small business owner, you’ve felt the pain before. You must be thinking constantly about how to make your business more familiar with potential customers online. Having a powerful online presence for your company is not only an advantage anymore, but a crucial step to growing your business.

Here are some important steps, you can take to design your online presence by building a simple and yet effective website or a personal portfolio for your business. Follow these seven steps below, and you’ll be successful at building a strong online presence.

1. Determining your goals

In the first steps of laying out a plan, ask yourself: Why do you need a website? The more clearly you can see the details of the purpose of your potential website, the easier it will be to build it. Try and give simple answers to the questions below:

  1. What type of website will you have? Will you sell something on your website or you want to be well known by a wide range of communities? Do you only want share important information with your website?
  2. What is your purpose with your website? Do you sell products or services? Are you building an online presence or making an already existing one more effective?
  3. How do you plan to reach your goal? Do you need an informative website, a webshop (e-commerce) or a blog?

2. Determining your niche

After you were successful at drawing out your goal, then it’s time to determine who your niche is.

  1. Who are your visitors? Give a description of your future visitors who will fulfill the purpose of your online presence.
  2. How exactly will you speak to your visitors? Describe your message, so it will appeal to people.
  3. What are your expectations of your visitors when they see your website? How would you like them to react to your website? Do you want them to buy something from you or give you feedback on your content?

3. Describing your message

With the next step, now you can take action. You already know the purpose of your website and your potential visitors. Let's work on the essence of your message.

  1. What would make your visitors fulfill the purpose of your website when they see it? What would motivate them?
  2. Why would they choose you instead of your competitors?
  3. What makes your product/service more appealing to your visitors than your competitor’s?

4. Choosing the right domain name

There is no website without a domain name. Choosing the right domain name for your website is an important step to establishing a strong online presence. Whatever your purpose is with your website, be it marketing, sales, sharing information, or, attaining a well-known reputation, you’ll need the right domain name. The popularity of your website depends on a well-chosen domain name.

So what are the main rules for choosing the right domain for your website?

  1. It’s a simple word or an easy wording
  2. The shorter it is, the better
  3. It’s easy to remember
  4. It contains relevant keywords or phrases

5. Selecting the tools for building your website

Here are some important questions. Who will be your website builder? In fact, it’s even more relevant: who will be the webmaster to your website? What is your budget?

  1. Are you going to build your website or you will pay someone to design it for you?
  2. How fast do you want your website to be done?
  3. How much are you willing to spend on your website?

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6. Creating your content quickly

Creating your content in the early stages of the website design project is important. You've drawn your goals out. Your niche and your tools of building a powerful website are determined.

7. Building your website

After you created all your content, you got to know all the important tools for building a professional website, you are ready to roll. You completed all the seven steps to design a strong online presence for your business-you’re on your way to successful website building project. The simplicity and user-friendliness of our website building platform will be your main ally for creating your very own professional website.