How to Choose the Right Images for Your Website

First impression is of utmost importance. This goes for websites too. The visitors will get their first impression based on the colors, shapes and imagery of our site. It is really important for every website owner to learn to deal with the imagery properly. We must learn to choose them the right way and to use them to illustrate the message of the website. Here are a few proven methods that will greatly help with this.

Always choose quality images

Even if we really like an image, we first need to make sure that its quality is good. A blurry, unsharpened, noise image can do a lot of harm regarding how the visitors create their first impression. As a rule of thumb, always pay attention to the size of the image. This is really important because a high-resolution image can be downsized without quality loss, but this is not valid for sizing it up. Always choose good quality and high- resolution images, and you will always be on the right track.

Illustrate your message

Focus and direct the visitor's attention to what is essential. When we write textual content for our website, we do it to express our message. Then with the chosen images we support and assure the delivery of this message. Choose images that help the understanding of the message. A well-chosen image is surprisingly effective in emphasizing the main ideas.

Don't be afraid to create emotions

We should extend the importance of our emotional experiences onto our website too. Use this wisely and boldly. It is a well-known fact that the emotional reactions are leaving long-term marks on us. Today, nobody questions the importance of emotional design. This is true not only for our cars or homes, but for our websites. Creating an emotional influence for our visitors is a good thing. Of course, one should never get carried away with this. However, creating a good impression, the positivity of our message will always bring rewarding results.

Be consistent in using images

If one looks at the overall impact of a website, the imagery used should tell a coherent story. All the after-work, cropping, color usage are very important. A coherent and consistent imagery strengthens our message, makes it more memorable, and greatly contributes to creating a recognizable unique message, to our style.