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15 years ago, your spouse gifted you with a semi-professional DSLR camera for your birthday to update your treasured Canon 5D from the high definition era. Your passion for taking black-and-white family and pet photos began to grow into many practicing hours outdoors.

If you own a start-up company or you’re a small business owner, you’ve felt the pain before. You must be thinking constantly about how to make your business more familiar with potential customers online. Having a powerful online presence for your company is not only an advantage anymore, but a crucial step to growing your business.

Google takes so seriously the mobile-friend­liness of all websites that during the summer of 2015 they've changed even their search algorithm because of it. The impact of this change affected primarily the ranking of websites: those that perform well on mobile devices are getting a better ranking. Not to comply to this would be quite foolish. Let's see why.

Half of any website’s success is based on a well-chosen domain name. It is not simply a matter of luck. There are unwritten rules which when followed will help guide you easily and safely through the process of choosing the right domain name for you!

First impression is of utmost importance. This goes for websites too. The visitors will get their first impression based on the colors, shapes and imagery of our site. It is really important for every website owner to learn to deal with the imagery properly. We must learn to choose them the right way and to use them to illustrate the message of the website. Here are a few proven methods that will greatly help with this.

The (ro)bots of Google will always index, analyze and evaluate the textual content of your website. Anything not written as text into the content of your website will never give search results. You have to start writing, no more excuses. Write about all relative information that you would like to be found by the search engines.

In the past we became so accustomed to vertical menus that the question is now often asked: "Why did the use of the vertical menu all but disappear?" At we made a bold choice by not supporting the vertical menu. There are lots of arguments in favor of our choice, so, let's see a couple.